MARGOT is Going to Montreal!


We’ve got some very exciting news - MARGOT was selected to be a part of the Montreal World Film Festival 2017, an Oscar qualifying event, in the World Competition Short Film section! This will be our world premiere and we’re thrilled to have it take place at such a great festival.

The festival will take place in Montreal from August 24th - September 4th, and MARGOT will be screened at the Cinema du Parc at 4:45pm on September 3rd and again at 12:15pm on September 4th. Find tickets here.

Thank you so much for your your support and for helping bring MARGOT to where it is today. Continue to visit our site and follow us on Instagram to stay updated on future festival selections, screenings, and other exciting news.

We Did It!!

After a year of scriptwriting, four long days of production, and months of post-production, we’ve finally finished MARGOT! We are are so proud of all the hard work and creative energy that was poured into this project and think the film turned out great. Although we are so grateful for everyone who’s been following our journey, we can’t release the film just yet, as we’re just starting to submit MARGOT to festivals in the U.S. and abroad. That said, we’re confident that the film will make an impression on audiences, so stay tuned for our accomplishments and the big release after it finishes circulating the festivals!

Indiegogo: Reaching The Finish Line

This marks the end of our Indiegogo campaign! We finished strong with nearly $15,000 in contributions from over 50 wonderful backers. Although we did not reach our ambitious goal of $30,000, the funds we collected will give us a HUGE boost through post production, and we could not be more grateful to everyone who chose to support our project. MARGOT is gradually evolving into a stronger piece day by day as we continuously work on the cut. Before we know it, MARGOT will be well on its way to major film festivals!


Assembling The Dream Team

Fifteen days later, and we are halfway through our Indiegogo campaign! Time has flown by, but we haven't slowed down. We’ve gathered our official post production team for MARGOT, starting with editor Laura Tomaselli, who is steadily working towards a final cut. We're also excited to welcome Music Composers Felix and Arthur Bourgeois, to the MARGOT team! Since music is a main source of inspiration for MARGOT, the sound design and music composition will be a top priority, progressing both the narrative and character development beautifully. Last but not least, The Artery will be generating all of our VFX while The Mill takes on color. This is a pivotal point for MARGOT, and we are eager to witness the film’s transformation in the next coming months.


Ready. Set. GOGO!

Today, we officially launched an Indiegogo campaign that will span a total of 30 days. We are so excited to share the vision behind MARGOT to the world and inspire individuals to support our project.

That's a wrap!

We officially wrapped production of MARGOT today after shooting one of the most climactic moments of the film in the impressive beach house designed by Mar Urrestarazu. Overall, our cast delivered amazing performances, our cinematographer captured powerful visuals, our sets were were intricately designed, the wardrobe felt authentic, and the entire crew’s level of efficiency on set was impressive. These elements all came together to successfully bring Camille de Galbert’s vision for MARGOT to life. Thank you so much to everyone who worked with us over the past four days, it wasn't always easy, but our cast and crew did an incredible job. Now onto post-production!


We could not be more grateful to the Jerome Foundation for the very generous grant we just received to produce MARGOT. This grant will help us pay our cast and crew for all of their hard work, which makes up a significant portion of our budget. The Jerome Foundation seeks to foster a dynamic and evolving culture by supporting the creation, development, and production of new works by emerging artists. To have the support of the Jerome Foundation is therefore a great honor, especially since we were one of only five grant recipients chosen from a total of 160 applicants. Knowing how selective the Jerome Foundation is with whom they choose to support emboldens our confidence that MARGOT will be a powerful and successful short.


Today was one of the most important days of production because we shot both the first and last scene of MARGOT. The first scene was filmed in an empty theatre, utilizing low key lighting and haze to establish the surreal environment in which MARGOT exists. We open on Margot dancing frantically around the Maestro whose violin parallels her chaotic movements. Anjelica did a great job with this scene and put her all into each take, giving her quite the workout! We unfortunately cannot say much about the last scene without giving away the ending, so you’ll just have to watch the finished film to find out...

 Anjelica Bette Felini (left), Camille de Galbert (middle), Peter Jensen (right)

Anjelica Bette Felini (left), Camille de Galbert (middle), Peter Jensen (right)

back for seconds

Our second day of production was full of music and dance. We shot at the Art Factory in New Jersey, an old factory building that has been transformed into a space for artists and filmmakers. Its spacious and vintage aesthetic offers an organic, almost ghostly atmosphere, which is very fitting given that this scene takes place in Margot’s subconscious. Our talent were able to dance freely in the large space, their actions accompanied by a violinist who plays a silent, yet significant, role in this film. We also made use of an eerie freight elevator, and continued our work on building the beach house. It’s hard to believe that we’re already halfway done with production, but it’s not time to celebrate just yet as there’s still two full days of production left!


Everyone bundled up and braced the cold for our first day of production. We shot at a gorgeous beach located just an hour outside of NYC, but something about the stretch of frozen sand set against a clear blue sky gave this location the perfect surreal tone for MARGOT. Our DP, Michael Belcher, captured some breathtaking visuals of the beach, and our director, Camille de Galbert, pulled truly authentic performances from our talent. Hot chocolate was the perfect payoff to celebrate a strong start. Three more (hopefully warmer) days to go!

 Michael Belcher (left), Daniel Ward (middle), Anjelica Bette Fellini (right)

Michael Belcher (left), Daniel Ward (middle), Anjelica Bette Fellini (right)


Our production designer, Mar Urrestarazu, is preparing to build a beach house from scratch in The Art Factory, a large warehouse studio space. This model is designed to the tee, including everything from the exact wall paper Mar plans on using to the placement of the bed and location of the doors. She even added a miniature dancer to represent scale. We're about two weeks away from production and are so excited to put all of our plans into action!

Hello Fiscal Sponsorship


MARGOT has received fiscal sponsorship from the New York Women in Film and Television, meaning that your donations can be tax deductible! Many organizations offer fiscal sponsorship, but we are proud to be sponsored by the NYWIFT because they are an organization dedicated to the growth and progress of women within the film industry. The NYWIFT asserts that it, “energizes the careers of women in entertainment by illuminating their achievements, providing training and professional development, and advocating for equality.” This is only Camille’s second short film, and so having the support of the NYWIFT is a noteworthy accomplishment.

Check MARGOT out on the NYWIFT site here!